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Joining Procedure

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How it works

To join Alnwick Dolphins, you first need to request an invitation to a Swimming Taster Session. This allows our coaches to assess the current ability of your swimmer and your swimmer to get a feel for swimming in a club.

If your swimmer’s ability does not meet the minimum level required, you will be advised accordingly by one of our coaches – this will include guidance on elements to focus on, and an invitation to join a future Taster session. If your swimmer is successful, you will be invited to formally register them with the club.


Our entry level require that your swimmer has completed at least Stage 6 on the Swimming Development Programme and ideally be aged between 7 and 9 years old. We typically expect the ability to fall in line with their age, with older swimmers starting in a higher training group.

We do consider swimmers outside of this age range if they are already swimming competitively, demonstrate enough ability or show exceptional potential.

At the club we believe the joys of swimming should be available to all, irrespective of financial situation. If swimmers are successfully offered a place at the club, we do have support provisions for people on low/moderate incomes, available via the committee should it be needed.

Swimming Taster Session

Request Form

Please enter details about your swimmer’s ability as fully as possible including their current stage in swimming lessons. This information helps our coaches to make the trial appropriate.

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